Monday, December 12, 2011

Pushing the limits, seeing the beauty.
Today I’m not gonna talk about fashion on glossywind, lets talk about art instead coz somehow its interrelated with fashion. And also because I love to spend time sitting at Petronas Gallery alone for hours- the peacefulness and space you have with art pieces can actually bring you such tranquillity. Plus, it’s the closest and most accessible art gallery in town. I do wish there are more galleries in KL, so the society can appreciate the beauty of art. I’m currently interested with the work done by artist, Taryn Simon. In her recent work, she explored the limits of photography and produced something that makes us think beyond our comfort zone. She’s a brilliant artist in the sense that she reveals a side of photography that we rarely focus on. Most of us take pictures for the happy memories and leisure but Simon showed to the world how photography can lead to a death sentence of a man- how it is use in the court of justice as evidence. She also revealed to us how human are connected by blood line that leads to many destruction in the world and how all of us desire the same brands of goods which leads to counterfeits. She pushes the limits of photography and creates a whole new dimension- talking about the lines in between the truth and the beauty of photos.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Fannings
The Olsen twins have a very special place in my heart. But another new duo I’m rather obsessed about currently is The Fannings. I can’t quite figure whether it was those pictures published in W Magazine or those rather quirky, yet funny pictures taken by Terry Richardson that caught my eyes. All I remembered vividly was the interview between Dakota and Oprah talking about her hobby of knitting- my mum told me that she’s gonna be big one day. I guess my mum was right, no doubt about that. Then few years later came dear little Elle doing her thing on movies like she was born an actress and wearing those Chanel dresses like a pro- way beyond her age. So it is a no brainier why Marc chose them as his muse for Marc by Marc Jacobs. Dakota appeared on the perfume advert of Oh, Lola! which is now banned in the UK for being too provocative- something that Marc is known for, hence the BANG! perfume advert.

Despite all the controversial about the Fannings doing things way beyond their age, all I can say is why not? They possess the talent, the beauty, the money, the sources and everything in between. Just like the Olsens, live life to the fullest and do it at a very young age and most importantly do it together with someone you are blood related to. Because when there is no one else to trust, you can always trust your family. Genius- no wonder the Godfather kept it in the family. Haaaah!

Live smart. Look sharp.

Live smart. Look sharp.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"I'm not interested in celebrities. I'm interested in clothes" -Bill Cunningham-
Long before Scott Schuman, Yvan Rodic, Garance Dore & Tommy Tom running around the streets snapping pictures, there’s this one man- the legend known as Bill Cunningham. This 80 years old man is the pioneer of the art in taking street style shots. Anna Wintour worships this man like the God of fashion- “he will take shots of you, 1 snap, 2 snaps or he will ignore you which is death!” Bill was photographing Anna from her teenage years up to now and this has proved to all of us the vision that he always had in introducing the new “it” fashion people. He even introduced to the world, Azzedine Alaia and Jean-Paul Gaultier. He was working with the Times back then, producing photos of individuals with interesting style and pretty much gave the license that it is possible to take snaps of the New York aristocrats without their permission. At some point, everyone wants to be a part of his amazing archives- pushing the limits in order to get Bill’s attention.

Quite the opposite- Bill leads a life which is simple and full of humanity. All he wears most of the time is that infamous electric blue laboratory coat with a camera around his neck, cycling around the Big Apple looking for the next person to take shots of. Yet another peculiar characteristic- which by now makes me realize that this “people” who pushed the envelope and creating the generation that we are today has little to affiliate with actually “wearing” fashion. Many of Bill’s work are not produced and kept-safe in his studio. Imagine having the honour of going through his personal archives, it would probably be mined blowing- seeing how street style evolved over the years. This man had seen it all. Now we know it is compulsory for us to watch the documentary about him, produced by Richard Press and from the trailer Bill is indeed a very interesting person and a perfectionist.

Monday, December 5, 2011

What Is Normal?
It kills me at times that people worship Lady Gaga as the no.1 trendsetter. Just because I have a different believe about it- which makes me a bit bias. But the reality is Daphne Guinness the heiress of the Guinness Family has long been collecting rare haute couture pieces made by renowned design legends and rocking it on daily basis way before Gaga. And in fact Gaga was channeling Daphne in her video Bad Romance. Daphne personifies the art of fashion effortlessly, wearing exotic pieces by Alexander McQueen like her second skin. So there is no doubt why she has captured the intention of the media and other fashion designers for numerous times. She makes fashion look easy and make us have faith that it is possible to run in those 10-inch Alien McQueen heels on the street while waving for a cab.

Daphne is an individual who takes the elements of her surrounding, the art of living and the beauty of fashion and incorporate it in her daily life. She takes into account the exquisite details that we seldom pay attention to. And it is portrayed well in the video made by Nowness- capturing on how she looks the world. Hence, the title called Daphne’s Window. Although she’s being called eccentric by many, she still feels like a normal individual living her life just like the others. As an artist ,Daphne is  undeniably a genius in capturing every  component of life and celebrating it in all of her work.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

From The Shelf #2
Let's talk about detox today. Just like the body, our hair do need detox every now and then so that it will stay clean and healthy. Some people detox their hair once or twice a week. I try to detox it twice a week. Detoxing sounds a bit difficult but its actually simple. All you need to do is buy a detox shampoo and you're good to go. Some French women even clean their hair with Evian at least once a week which can be a bit ridiculous for us since Evian can cost a lot, unlike Sea Masters, if you know what I mean. Lol. But what the French girls do, we want to do it too ;)

Item 2: Toni & Guy mini Detox Shampoo (RM 8+) 
So what is a detox shampoo? Its just a simple shampoo. But it cleans your hair til the roots and it leaves no residues behind. We can get residues due to other shampoos that we used, hair spray and any other kind of chemicals that we put onto our hair. So leaving behind residues will cause build-up that will end up making our hair dull and oily- especially at the center part. Just with one time of using this detox shampoo, I can feel the difference and my hair feels super clean. Once again, Watson offers mini bottles for a lot of the shampoos they are selling. Therefore, you can try it first and not waste your money on a huge bottle in case if you don't like it. For me this is the best detox shampoo that I've tried and I already bought the 2nd bottle. Since you using it twice a week, you don't need the huge bottle anyways.

Item 1: Ellips Hair Vitamin for Shiny Black Hair (RM8+)
After using the Toni & Guy Detox Shampoo, I'll apply this hair vitamin on my damp hair. It comes in capsules form and I usually use 1 capsule at one time. The texture of this hair vitamin is very thick, sticky and a bit oily so do not apply on your scalp or anything, just concentrate on the center part of your hair til the tip. It will absorb quite fast, once your hair is fully dry (naturally, no hair dryer). I love it coz it gives my hair the shine and maintain my original black hair colour. But they do have other choices for other types of hair such as normal, coloured and damaged. I usually use this twice a week, every time I detox my hair.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

From the shelf  #1
This will be my first time posting about beauty products and I hope it will continue in the future. So, you dolls let me know if you like it! :) I bought few items from Sephora and Elianto yesterday and I 'll give my review for each items below.

1st item: Sephora Hair Detox Spray (RM 49)
I've been into all this detox plan for my hair lately coz it makes my hair soft and super clean. I do have a detox shampoo but I'll write about it later. For now lets talk about this detox spray. I used it twice already for now and I love it. I have a sensitive scalp and this mite be my answer to less oily and a healthier scalp.Its easy to apply, just spray it to your damp scalp after shampoo. And it would leave this fresh minty feel on your scalp. So if you have issues with your scalp too, I'll suggest you this. Coz I know scalp treatment at salons cost big bucks- hard to maintain.

2nd item: Soap & Glory Shea Butter, mini tub (RM 17)
A MUST BUY! I'm so hooked with this butter. I think I'm gonna buy the huge tub very soon. It sinks to your skin like silk and it smells so nice. The smell of this butter leaves in your skin like forever (I'm serious) and it moisturize very well, almost like a life saver for dry skin. The scent of it reminds me very much of Dior Cherie. I like the idea when beauty products are made in mini sizes coz it allows you to try it first and of course so easy to travel with. Plus, you can always re-fill this mini tub with more butter once you buy the huge tub- genius!

3rd item: Sephora Mini Travel Brush Set (RM 39)
Again I don't like to bring huge-ass brushes around. So this goes perfectly in my make-up bag. The set consists of 5 brushes all together- a blusher brush, an eyebrow brush and 3 eye-shadow brushes in different shapes. 

4th item: Elianto Liquid Eyeliner in Dark Brown (RM22)
This is my 3rd time buying Elianto eyeliner. It goes without saying, definitely my all time fav liquid eyeliner. It stays on for hours and so easy to take it off. I love the tip brush coz its thick and easy to apply and the dark brown colour blends very well with our Asian skin. With that price its a stealer!

Laduree is Love, Love is Laduree.
If you really wanna feel like you're in "the zone" when you are in Paris do go to Laduree at Champs-Elysees and have a tea time there.  Haha. But for real it's no joke. It mite burn your wallet a bit but the experience will be out of the world. I've been wanting to share this with all of you but again I had no time (lame excuse I know. Lol.). I love the interior design of Laduree, oh well it has been there for years and years. It has this exquisite French art decor, all silver lining and effortless. I had Marie Antoinette tea and some macaroons. I give 10/10 for the tea and 7/10 for the macaroons (coz I've tasted better ones in Geneva). It's like a disgrace me giving them 7 points for their famous macaroons but its too sweet for my liking. The pastries look like it just felt from heaven- finely done. I had a croissant and its the kind that melts in your mouth (to be honest, any cafes in Paris sells amazing croissant). I guess that's all for now. Laduree is love, love is Laduree x

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Turning 23
Alhamdulillah with all the blessing, I'm now 23 and still looking forward for what life has to offer.  Had a super good time with my family and friends yesterday celebrating moi birthday :)  I was smiling like a little kid when my mum and my aunt surprise me with the little cute birthday cake with LV monograms all over. It's so pretty, that I don't even have the heart to cut and eat it. Hahaha.

I got an early birthday gifts from my mum, my aunt, my uncle and my grandma this year. Therefore, I got the green light to shop till I drop in Europe. And the evidence of it is on the 2nd pic below. Lol. Plus, a bucket full of H&M goodies which is missing from the pic. All together I'm grateful and amazed by all the love I received. Thank you :) 


Monday, June 6, 2011

Young & Reckless.
I'm super excited that I'm going to 3 major festivals around Europe- Lovebox Fest in London, Montreux Jazz Fest in Montreux & Paleo Fest in Nyon. The list of performances kinda blew my mind, even I can't believe it myself. It goes a bit like this- Lykke Li, Jessie J, The Drums, Katy B, Santigold, Paolo Nutini, The Strokes...etc..I'm so excited, sometimes when I wake up in the morning I jump around and smile alone. Lol. I hope the crowd is banging mad coz I wanna go crazy all nite long and go all hyper with Red Bulls. I'm going to put all my stress of 4 years in Law School out. Oh yeah!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Turn on the flare.
At one point skinny jeans is an everyday staple. So everyone kinda make it hipster-ish cool. But one uncool fact is skinny doesn't necessarily look good on any figure. Therefore, I pray for the flare to come back in style and I guess it is finally here! One very true fact bout flare jeans is it looks good on any figure. It hugs on all the right places and it makes your legs look miles long. I'm a curvy girl so I'm the happiest to know that flare is the new skinny. Lots of fashionista been spotted wearing it. I must say all look tres chic (I've been using this word a lot. Maybe coz I think I sound french or something..Lol). When you put it on, think Donna from That 70's Show/Jane Birkin. Hippie goddess!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

An honest apologize.
I know its been really really long since I last updated this blog. I've been super busy with a lot of stuff in my life. Now uni is over and so does a lot of other things in my personal life. I have to say since, I live passionately, I love passionately. Hence, the lost of inspiration for the longest of time I've ever experienced. I hate when I write something with zero heart in it. So I thought its better to not write at all. Today, I'm here apologizing to all you dolls out there. I'm still trying to put my own 2 feet back to the ground and face the reality. I guess I've been running away from a lot of things lately. But afraid not, I can feel the passion to write bout fashion will very soon start to ignite back. However, be ready for sad gloomy stories from me too. I'm just trying to cope up with the pain and damn its not easy this time around.


Friday, April 1, 2011

Are you ready to be unfolded?
I know its been awhile since the last time I updated glossywind. Been super busy working on a new blog known as The Unfolded with another friend of mine. We've been running around to take shots of people that we'll feature in the new blog. Below is the teaser for it and more coming your way soon. We're super excited and hope you dolls are too! Do follow us on twitter and like us on Facebook too.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Put a ring on me
Accessorize well and you'll never be boring. I'm a true believer that you could just wear jeans and t-shirt but with the right jewelry, you'll stand out- preferably rare and unique pieces. One of my favorite jewelry designer is Meredith Khan. Her collections are literally to die for. She's an amazing designer with exquisite taste and style. But what's important is the amazing pieces that she created, that translate individuality at its best.
(source: Refinery 29)

I'm in love with all of her jewelry pieces but I would go gaga for her mesh gauntlet rings. Just capital amazing! You can browse through her entire collection at Made Her Think.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hold 'em tight
"Over-sized what? Handles? Handbags? Everyday bag? What bag? Sorry, I don't understand. Oh are you referring to my clutch? Yes I clutch now, I hold 'em tight." -the 'it' girl-
Its pretty obvious from runways and to the streets, that everyone is no longer spotted with over-sized handbags. Clutch is how we role now. Even a bag with handles is carried around as a clutch. Say hello to this new chic invention.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gareth Pugh Fall 2011
"Gareth Pugh is not about a trend. This is for an individualist. They have their own strong style" -Linda Fargo-
Haider Ackermann Fall 2011
"You want to be sensual, you want to be mysterious, you want to be elegant" -Haider Ackermann-
InTrend Mac 2011
I hope its not too late to post this. I would like to thank the InTrend magazine team for featuring this blog in the "50 Blog Malaysia Pilihan InTrend" column. Its such and honour to be chosen among other great blogs. This definitely motivates me to keep on blogging in the future. So do drop by more often dolls!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Monday Blues
Models walking down the runway at Prada A/W 11 holding handbags as if they are holding clutches (despite the handles). And this fact is once again made obvious at Paris Fashion Week. So dolls do take note. No doubt clutch is the new "it" bag. Making its wave from the colourful Hermes Jige Elan Clutches to the ever famous electric blue Celine clutch. Taylor Tomasi (among many others, including Grace Coddington) was spotted running around during fashion week, holding the blue clutch faithfully. Its too electrifying not to notice her rocking it.
(Source: Streetfsn)