Thursday, May 26, 2011

Turn on the flare.
At one point skinny jeans is an everyday staple. So everyone kinda make it hipster-ish cool. But one uncool fact is skinny doesn't necessarily look good on any figure. Therefore, I pray for the flare to come back in style and I guess it is finally here! One very true fact bout flare jeans is it looks good on any figure. It hugs on all the right places and it makes your legs look miles long. I'm a curvy girl so I'm the happiest to know that flare is the new skinny. Lots of fashionista been spotted wearing it. I must say all look tres chic (I've been using this word a lot. Maybe coz I think I sound french or something..Lol). When you put it on, think Donna from That 70's Show/Jane Birkin. Hippie goddess!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

An honest apologize.
I know its been really really long since I last updated this blog. I've been super busy with a lot of stuff in my life. Now uni is over and so does a lot of other things in my personal life. I have to say since, I live passionately, I love passionately. Hence, the lost of inspiration for the longest of time I've ever experienced. I hate when I write something with zero heart in it. So I thought its better to not write at all. Today, I'm here apologizing to all you dolls out there. I'm still trying to put my own 2 feet back to the ground and face the reality. I guess I've been running away from a lot of things lately. But afraid not, I can feel the passion to write bout fashion will very soon start to ignite back. However, be ready for sad gloomy stories from me too. I'm just trying to cope up with the pain and damn its not easy this time around.