Thursday, February 3, 2011


After reading a post by SPTNKSWTHRT today, I decided to share what's in my bag with you. So here it goes.

Longchamp le pliage- I'm using it to chuck everything in coz I carry lots of stuff with me everyday. Make-up bag- I don't have a proper make-up bag, really. So I used this beanie bag I got from Jaspal after I purchased an item over there (I think its a necklace).Moleskine- my life is more organized with it. Being in law school has forced me to have a proper book for my everyday life and to schedule everything. I write, I doodle, I even do collage in it. Accessorize pencil case- I have every stationary essentials in there, from a glue to a sharpener. Search-A-Word puzzles- I'm addicted to it, thanx to my friend Faradiana. So you'll probably end up seeing me being an anti-social outside, searching words. Nocturnes by Kazuo Ishiguro- the current novel I'm reading. Ray Ban Aviator- One of my precious treasure in the bag coz its my dad's fav sunglass. I feel like bringing a piece of him with me everyday. I-pod shuffle- I can't live without music.Coco Chanel Mademoiselle EDT- I'm addicted to perfumes and often change according to my mood but this one has been in my bag for weeks. Scrunchy- got it from a super cool shop at axis atrium. Its my secret to have a wavy hair. Coach purse- Its small but means a lot to me. House key- don't want to be lock outside of the house, do we. Johnson & Johnson calming lotion- I just adore the smell!