Wednesday, September 7, 2011

From The Shelf #2
Let's talk about detox today. Just like the body, our hair do need detox every now and then so that it will stay clean and healthy. Some people detox their hair once or twice a week. I try to detox it twice a week. Detoxing sounds a bit difficult but its actually simple. All you need to do is buy a detox shampoo and you're good to go. Some French women even clean their hair with Evian at least once a week which can be a bit ridiculous for us since Evian can cost a lot, unlike Sea Masters, if you know what I mean. Lol. But what the French girls do, we want to do it too ;)

Item 2: Toni & Guy mini Detox Shampoo (RM 8+) 
So what is a detox shampoo? Its just a simple shampoo. But it cleans your hair til the roots and it leaves no residues behind. We can get residues due to other shampoos that we used, hair spray and any other kind of chemicals that we put onto our hair. So leaving behind residues will cause build-up that will end up making our hair dull and oily- especially at the center part. Just with one time of using this detox shampoo, I can feel the difference and my hair feels super clean. Once again, Watson offers mini bottles for a lot of the shampoos they are selling. Therefore, you can try it first and not waste your money on a huge bottle in case if you don't like it. For me this is the best detox shampoo that I've tried and I already bought the 2nd bottle. Since you using it twice a week, you don't need the huge bottle anyways.

Item 1: Ellips Hair Vitamin for Shiny Black Hair (RM8+)
After using the Toni & Guy Detox Shampoo, I'll apply this hair vitamin on my damp hair. It comes in capsules form and I usually use 1 capsule at one time. The texture of this hair vitamin is very thick, sticky and a bit oily so do not apply on your scalp or anything, just concentrate on the center part of your hair til the tip. It will absorb quite fast, once your hair is fully dry (naturally, no hair dryer). I love it coz it gives my hair the shine and maintain my original black hair colour. But they do have other choices for other types of hair such as normal, coloured and damaged. I usually use this twice a week, every time I detox my hair.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

From the shelf  #1
This will be my first time posting about beauty products and I hope it will continue in the future. So, you dolls let me know if you like it! :) I bought few items from Sephora and Elianto yesterday and I 'll give my review for each items below.

1st item: Sephora Hair Detox Spray (RM 49)
I've been into all this detox plan for my hair lately coz it makes my hair soft and super clean. I do have a detox shampoo but I'll write about it later. For now lets talk about this detox spray. I used it twice already for now and I love it. I have a sensitive scalp and this mite be my answer to less oily and a healthier scalp.Its easy to apply, just spray it to your damp scalp after shampoo. And it would leave this fresh minty feel on your scalp. So if you have issues with your scalp too, I'll suggest you this. Coz I know scalp treatment at salons cost big bucks- hard to maintain.

2nd item: Soap & Glory Shea Butter, mini tub (RM 17)
A MUST BUY! I'm so hooked with this butter. I think I'm gonna buy the huge tub very soon. It sinks to your skin like silk and it smells so nice. The smell of this butter leaves in your skin like forever (I'm serious) and it moisturize very well, almost like a life saver for dry skin. The scent of it reminds me very much of Dior Cherie. I like the idea when beauty products are made in mini sizes coz it allows you to try it first and of course so easy to travel with. Plus, you can always re-fill this mini tub with more butter once you buy the huge tub- genius!

3rd item: Sephora Mini Travel Brush Set (RM 39)
Again I don't like to bring huge-ass brushes around. So this goes perfectly in my make-up bag. The set consists of 5 brushes all together- a blusher brush, an eyebrow brush and 3 eye-shadow brushes in different shapes. 

4th item: Elianto Liquid Eyeliner in Dark Brown (RM22)
This is my 3rd time buying Elianto eyeliner. It goes without saying, definitely my all time fav liquid eyeliner. It stays on for hours and so easy to take it off. I love the tip brush coz its thick and easy to apply and the dark brown colour blends very well with our Asian skin. With that price its a stealer!

Laduree is Love, Love is Laduree.
If you really wanna feel like you're in "the zone" when you are in Paris do go to Laduree at Champs-Elysees and have a tea time there.  Haha. But for real it's no joke. It mite burn your wallet a bit but the experience will be out of the world. I've been wanting to share this with all of you but again I had no time (lame excuse I know. Lol.). I love the interior design of Laduree, oh well it has been there for years and years. It has this exquisite French art decor, all silver lining and effortless. I had Marie Antoinette tea and some macaroons. I give 10/10 for the tea and 7/10 for the macaroons (coz I've tasted better ones in Geneva). It's like a disgrace me giving them 7 points for their famous macaroons but its too sweet for my liking. The pastries look like it just felt from heaven- finely done. I had a croissant and its the kind that melts in your mouth (to be honest, any cafes in Paris sells amazing croissant). I guess that's all for now. Laduree is love, love is Laduree x