Saturday, May 30, 2009

Your sex is definately on fire!

I was trying to figure out which is the sexiest among all the brothers in Kings of Leon but I can't decide..So end up posting pctures of the whole band! They are my ultimate sex goddess ;)

Friday, May 29, 2009

All we care 'bout is talking..Talking only me & you.

This song is just stuck in my head! LOL..Got to practice my whisteling skills now..Thanx to Mario , hope to speak to you soon <3
P/S: My bro's band won the UOX live band! and got RM 5000~ I was screaming like mad last nite at the club~ Bright future for their band ahead *congratz The D.I.A*..Wait for their appearance in Junk & Klue magazines x

Party Mode.

Hey people..I'm getting ready to go n party like mad today till tomorrow..First up, UOX party at Changkat and tomorrow UOX Finale; Steve Aoki..Super stoke..And just building up my energy~ Red Bull would help..LOL.. Be nice and do behave while I'm gone <3

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Georgia Jagger.

Damn this girl has a swagger!~ Pure icon.


This might sound plain pathetic but I have no followers at Bloglovin' :(..So do follow me there <3

Laura Laine for Muse Magazine.

Lea Seydoux.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The beautiful photos by Andre Wolff.

I want it!

A feather headgear will be perfect with a white t-shirt and a black skinny jeans. That's what I have in mind to wear this saturday to see Steve Aoki but then, its damn hard to find it! *sigh*

Zippora Seven.

Lets just sit by the river and be happy.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Just the amount of rage going about this jewelry by LITTER gave me the push to post it in my blog. I mean the stunning pieces speak for itselves in all of the pictures. Now we are definately talking about sexy. I think I'm in love with all of it and I will find a way to get it in the future. I really love those ankle/shoe chains!

Sexy mug shots.

Nothing can go wrong when you are wearing Balmain.

Claudia Shiffer

Sometimes less is more.

Vogue: Paris


My favourite dj duo from my country!!! LAPSAP~They are my party starter. LOL..I had to turn down their invitation to the launching of their first EP , Mangosteen & Durian because I was having my exam the other day :( But I'm all gear up to see they perform at UOX, along side with Steve Aoki, Shitdisco n many more this saturday. And not to forget Mark the cobrasnake..OMG I'm super excited, my brain doesn't function normally anymore! weeeee 0_0

The women behind French Vogue, Carine Roitfeld.

One fun fact about her: she doesn't like handbags -_-

Lauren Kovin Spring Summer 09.

OMG!I'm a sucker for drappy clothes~ and Lauren Kovin is a genius coz her latest collection is just breath taking..but more like I'm gasping for air now! I want all of it!! *greedy mode*