Saturday, May 16, 2009

The reason why I'm broke.

Below is a picture of things I bought when I went to Singapore (except the blazer and the handbag).
The list:
1) A top, which is black and white (with and empire waist effect)
2) A t-shirt with a gold zipper in the middle.
3) Burberry Warrior Handbag (which cause the most damage among all!)
4) A Zara boyfriend blazer (bought it while I was at Pavilion just now)
5) A fringe slouchy dress in grey (which practically look like an old-rag, it doesnt make much sense in the picture but it is so cool once put on, I totally love it!)
6) A few bracelets (addition to my obssesive collection of it), a cage look ring, and Casio calculator watch.

Below is the worst damage done from my Singapore vay-kay and a few other shopping trip in KL last year! More of the designers items coz my mum and uncle was around (hehe) 0_~


JohanPrinze said...

OMG.i Love Chanel tu.Lauren Conrad ada pakai dlm The Hills.suka sangat.
Makan hatiii!

Wyna Noh said...

hahhahah! i wish it was mine, but its my aunt's, somehow it was in my lagguage and its in my hand for about 2 weeks n then its gone ;( its my fav hangbag ever!