Friday, May 15, 2009

Do you wanna know whats in my corrupted little mind?

I just came back from KLCC and there are few things that I must highlight:

1) I saw a women holding a Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr.Hillier handbag..And I gave the bitchy amuse me, after all these months I still admire that handbag..

2) Went to TOPSHOP and it is on SALE..50%!!! Felt like pulling my hair off..coz I'm out of ka-ching..

3) Went to Zara, saw two things that I felt in love with; first is a black suede cage high heels and second a slouchy linen vest in grey. I might get that vest coz I still have RM110 courtesy of UM (they gave me a cheque that is still not in use). So it depends on tomorrow morning, if the vest is still in my head "whispering; 'please buy me' to my ear"..then I would definately go and get it!

4) Open up my purse, and I got two RM10 notes and a piece of Sing$50(somewhere around RM140). Later went to the bookstore, with British Vogue in mind but then BAMM! its RM25.90...therefore, bought GLAMOUR UK instead coz it is within my budget (it doesn't matter as long as my brain got fed with a generous amount of fashion vitamins.i.e: pics and articles from the mag).

5) Back home and my uncle gave me 2 tix of Angels & Demonds, for tomorrow at 3.45pm. WHY? coz he bought the tix on the wrong date. DANG!~ yes people I got my infamous BLURNESS from him. Thank you.

6) I decided to snap a picture of all the stuff I bought from S'pore and few other stuff..will post it soon. Just so when I see the pictures, it gives a certain comfort that my money didn't burn just like that..atleast I used it for fashion sake.

7) Now, I just feel like drawning myself in a sea of white pillows.. And stop thinking for awhile.


Farrah Ridzwan said...

Hahah.. U really sux. I'll be, too, starting tomorrow. The war of shopping will begin tomorrow! Will see ya later! X

Wyna Noh said...

hahah! i bet u will b havng fan since the surrency is not expensive in indonesia! *jealous!* hope to see ya very soon x.