Friday, May 29, 2009

All we care 'bout is talking..Talking only me & you.

This song is just stuck in my head! LOL..Got to practice my whisteling skills now..Thanx to Mario , hope to speak to you soon <3
P/S: My bro's band won the UOX live band! and got RM 5000~ I was screaming like mad last nite at the club~ Bright future for their band ahead *congratz The D.I.A*..Wait for their appearance in Junk & Klue magazines x


Farrah Ridzwan said...

Kudosssssssssss to Asiff and co!!!!! Wohoooooooo do let me know when they appear on those mags, nak tgk hidung kembang asiff. haha

isabelle said...

omgosh I love that song haha:)


Christine said...

Haha I love this song! And the video's so cute.