Sunday, November 29, 2009

I hate when I have doubts.
Freja Beha for Twin Fall/Winter 2009.



We talk, we laugh. Your laughter is like a liquid.
Sorry for the lack of post lately. I will try to put more effort like I usually do but I'm just having this lazy mazy holiday mood at the moment. I had a really good time talking to him for hours during the weekend. He now knows that when ever I said "him" in my blog, I'm actually referring to him. He had to ask for re-assurance. Which I find very cute. Lol. And he likes to google- alooooot.

Picture of Georgia Jagger by CosmoAlexander.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Apple crumble, ready to rumble?
Today has been a verrrrrrry lazy day for me. I did nothing but sleep. Not productive at all. I am officially an owl- my life starts at nite. I'm going out to watch New Moon with my favourite people- Fendy, Farah & Rahim. I can't wait to go gaga over Edward and seriously hope I can keep my drooling over him down low. Don't want to disturb others' rights to peace in the cinema.

Below are photos by Mr. Cobrasnake.



Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm not lame, I'm just in love with a vampire.
Finally, I'm going to go and watch New Moon tonite. I really can't wait. I am crazy for Edward/Robert. I sometimes wonder why do God created such a beauty on earth. But now I realize its for us to treasure. He is fucking hot- scruffy, british, tall, blue eyes...etc. He is too perfect it scares the hell out of me.

Thanks Vanity Fair for all the lovely shots- now I know how he looks like if I were to wake up in the morning next to him. Lmao.





Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Some people are just fucking hypocrite but some are just angels.
My internet was a mess last weekend. So, no entry up until today. Overall, everday is a good day. Today was freakin' awesome, got to meet Jaslene frm ANTM and she is such a sweetheart. Beautiful people with beautiful soul are angels on earth. God bless.

I love this photo of Erinn Wasson for RVCA. Hrmmmm, who doesn't...

erin wasson

Friday, November 20, 2009

Its your take on it, never will it be mine.
I can't wait to finish up my assignment by tonite. Freedom is waiting next door...weee. And of course I can't wait to go to Hujan's concert and see my bro's band (The D.I.A) perform. I've always adore Hujan's take on music. They did make a good impact to the music world over here. I can still remember during my early teenage life- going to gigs and supporting Hujan before they are what they are today. They perform live so damn well- so I just can't wait.


Found this duo (I have no clue who they are, so if you do-please let me know) at Mr.Newton's website. They were in Paris attending Dior. Their gorgeous eye make-up, black hair and cool style really caught my eyes. But I don't support people wearing fur tho. It does look good to polish up any outfit but the idea from where it came from is just so wrong and disturbing. However, fashion is meant to be a bitch- so it is bound to support cruelty at some point. Like it or not- its one's take on it. Need to get back to work now. Be good and have a great weekend dolls x

P/S: Can you spot Hanneli Mustaparta in the second pic. She's busy taking photos for her blog, I suppose. Yet another creative mind I adore.




Arm Candy.
I'm a sucker for handbags. So far I only have two designer handbags- a calf skin tote from Marc by Marc Jacob and warrior bag from Burberry. I've always been in love with Alexander Wang handbags. Just blady perfect- edgy and black in colour. Two of my favourite got to be the Diego Bucket bag and the Coco Duffel studd bag. Both are not that new in the market but I still think its a good invesment coz I think both will fit perfectly with any outfit.

Alexander Wang Diego bucket studd bag.
Rumi rockin' it with all black outfit and killer red lips. The whole look totally screams out 'perfect'!



Alexander Wang Coco Duffel studd bag.
Mary Kate Olsen just can't seem to leave the house with it at some point of time in the past. Again she is looking stunning in all black outfit with that bag.



Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cry baby,cry.
It is just so sad seeing status updates on Facebook by my frens saying Daul Kim is gone. Not something pleasant to wake up to. I was so shocked and felt abit weird coz I actually just posted an entry about her on Saturday (scroll down to check it out)- admiring her unique look and how great she looks in Lurve Magazine editorial pictures. Just a great lost for the fashion world. For me she is epic and nothing can come close to Daul..ever.

Lets video phone, just you and me.
I'm super busy with my Jurisprudence assingment at the moment. I love the subject but it takes a new whole level of thinking to crack the code of the assignment question. End up putting my brain together with 4 of my fren's brain- just to get what the question is asking for. Crazy but thats what we do on normal basis at law school.

Anyhow, Sieg Magazine
is out with its 4th issue. I wrote for 2 articles- beauty and an interview with a local designer during M-FIW called MadMub. This time the cover is more colourful and fun. So do check it out, dolls ;) To visit, click here.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

If I'm a bad person, you don't like me. Well, I guess I make my own way.
Exam is over- well not much to be honest, just one paper anyways. But still I'm glad its over! Too bad I have an assingment to hand in by next monday. I have to finish it by saturday coz my bro's band is going to perform as an opening act for Hujan's tour this sunday. Its kinda a big deal for him and his band at the moment. The press are going to be there. Its like make it or break it time for his band. Damn fucking epic! They are going to play along side with other indie bands- Couple and Hujan. I must say it is still weird to see my bro in newspapers and magazines. But cool perks comes along I guess- Badger (Indonesian street clothing brand) is going to sponsor them for their outfit. Awesome shit, I know. Anyways, I'm super excited for him! Let me know dolls, if you are going there too.

Below are photos by Ruben Vega. He has shot for many magazines including Spanish Vogue. I love these 2 photos in black and white. Well I am a sucker for black and white photos anyways. I just think there are more characters in it- same like 35 mm shots. Agree?

P/S: I can't wait for New Moon- call me lame but whatever! Lately, people keep on asking me if I'm team Edward or Jacob. Of course I'm team Edward!! All the way babyyy! Which team are you?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I want your leather-studded kiss in the sand.
Yesterday was a good day. Finish my studies- covered all the topics needed for my exam tomorrow. But still I need to re-read to re-call all the principles and cases again to day. What can I say- welcome to law school. Apart from that, he was online. Atlast, I got to talk to him after a few weeks- missing damn badly.

Dazed & Confused magazine is awesome shit and I love the mag so much- wicked editorials photos and the style is beyond gorgeous. The one problem I hate is its damn fucking expensive over here and I usually wait for it to be cheaper- which means I end up buying the last few months issue instead of the latest. Sad, I know!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Lurve Magazine.
Dual Kim is one of my favourite Asian models. Her distinct and unique look makes photos appear more interesting. I love her look for Christopher Kane @ Topshop and this girl is giving a hell of a good impact to the fashion industry. Who says Asian can't go blonde? Lol. Anyways, I'm suppose to study but end up blogging (haha..not surprise). I think I'm forever addicted to social network- Facebook. Coz I often end up feeling uncomfortable not knowing whats going on FB and can't seem to stop worrying about my Farmville. PLus, I tweed alot and obviously I blog alot too. This is very disturbing to know but it is part and parcel of my life now.

I think I like this font and colour. I will continue using it in the future. I also think I need to change my blog layout. Maybe that will be done in a few days to come. Need to continue on my studies now. Behave well dolls x

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I find a map and draw a straight line. The distance from 'A' to where you'd be, its only finger-lenghts that I see.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Complex Geometries S/S 10.
I fuckin' want all of it!! Black, drappy- PERFECT *drools*


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Damn spiky coolness.
Its Malaysia International Fashion Week (MIFW) at the moment. Abit busy here and there. Going to pick up tix for tomorrow's show by MadMub and I'm doing the cover for SIEG MAGAZINE with my other lovelys from the team. However, I have to also squeez for my brother's birthday which is also tomorrow. And lastly, going for MIFW- BDA Gala on sunday. So till then, be good and behave dolls!


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

All eyes on her.
Another girl crush- Taylor Momsen.

Monday, November 2, 2009

My paperheart.

Yesterday was fun- got my new ipod shuffle which is blue in colour and he texted me in the morning. Had an awesome day and nite texting with him. Just the joy he brings to me is amazing =) Anyhow, going to uni later to do some work at the library- yes, I can be such a nerdy at time, have to no option left..LOL. And oh yes, I forgot to mention about All-American Rejects- awesomenesss! Mike was super super hot and Tyson was crazy with his red indian head gear- damn cute he is!