Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lets video phone, just you and me.
I'm super busy with my Jurisprudence assingment at the moment. I love the subject but it takes a new whole level of thinking to crack the code of the assignment question. End up putting my brain together with 4 of my fren's brain- just to get what the question is asking for. Crazy but thats what we do on normal basis at law school.

Anyhow, Sieg Magazine
is out with its 4th issue. I wrote for 2 articles- beauty and an interview with a local designer during M-FIW called MadMub. This time the cover is more colourful and fun. So do check it out, dolls ;) To visit, click here.



Mila said...

Love this!

Sahakiel said...

Oh, I should look for this magazine here, looks so interesting :D!! And maybe I can find it at the Fnac store!

Thanks for your lovely comment at my blog!