Friday, November 13, 2009

Lurve Magazine.
Dual Kim is one of my favourite Asian models. Her distinct and unique look makes photos appear more interesting. I love her look for Christopher Kane @ Topshop and this girl is giving a hell of a good impact to the fashion industry. Who says Asian can't go blonde? Lol. Anyways, I'm suppose to study but end up blogging (haha..not surprise). I think I'm forever addicted to social network- Facebook. Coz I often end up feeling uncomfortable not knowing whats going on FB and can't seem to stop worrying about my Farmville. PLus, I tweed alot and obviously I blog alot too. This is very disturbing to know but it is part and parcel of my life now.

I think I like this font and colour. I will continue using it in the future. I also think I need to change my blog layout. Maybe that will be done in a few days to come. Need to continue on my studies now. Behave well dolls x


KAELA said...

She's beautiful!

Balqies Arafia said...

dia mati kan? ke salah model?