Thursday, July 22, 2010

One may cry for more, I'll cry for black.
Yes, for those who have been reading my blog, you might already know I am obsess with the color black, I am also into cool cuts clothes and quirky accessories. And I am in love with Rad Hourani. He'll be having his exhibition during June till July this year, and I'll kill to go and witness his out-of-the-world gorgeous designs. Yes, I am crazy like that.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Backstage behavior.
Models at Chanel Couture. Pic via Hanneli Mustaparta blog.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Coz when we're in a pack, we're evil like that.
The forever effortlessly gorgeous Alexa Chung for Pepe Jeans Fall 2010 Campaign.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Her space, her freedom.
Yes, I'm one of those lame people who cares what other people's house looks like. There's no better way to understand a person's personality than from her/his style of dressing up and also their personal space i.e home. Lou Dillon's personal space, just kinda speaks for itself, amazingly beautiful.
The price of youth.
She's 18 but Lucie Malbequi's vision on photography is way mature than her adolescent age. With the love for art and all the beauty it offers, Lucie is currently experimenting with lights and trying her best to capture the innocent spirit of youth. Her flickr offers a variety of pictures and from its view, all I have to say is just pay attention to this French girl. She's here to stay.

I don't do fake, just because I have better things to do.
It has has been awhile since I last visited this blog. Mainly because I decided to switch to tumblr and ditch this blog but somehow the level of satisfaction is different and I kinda miss writing my rubbish on this blog. Lol. So here's the thing, I survived 3 years of law school. Haha. Don't ask me how coz I have no answer. I'm in my final year now and it feels all weird. This is gonna be my last take to enjoy uni life and be young and reckless and just couldn't be fuck with anything.

Two things random that I just have to get out of my head are, I kinda miss my undercuts and I wanna go picnic and be all weird on the green grass but I am living in Malaysia you know, 10000000 degree boiling temperature. Nice! And oh yeah, welcome juniors to law fac.I wanna go back home after class a.s.a.p! Pronto!