Thursday, November 26, 2009

Apple crumble, ready to rumble?
Today has been a verrrrrrry lazy day for me. I did nothing but sleep. Not productive at all. I am officially an owl- my life starts at nite. I'm going out to watch New Moon with my favourite people- Fendy, Farah & Rahim. I can't wait to go gaga over Edward and seriously hope I can keep my drooling over him down low. Don't want to disturb others' rights to peace in the cinema.

Below are photos by Mr. Cobrasnake.




Sahakiel said...

Gosh, I LOVE your tights!! They're so cool!! And the shoes too!
You know, I'm living by night too... and I must change habits if I want to find a day-job, hahaha!!

katrina said...

hah,i'm going to watch new moon tomorrow, CAN'T WAIT!:)

inspiring pics!


Farrah Ridzwan said...

ouhh im not in ur favourite people's list now huh? cool

.M. said...

eventhough, th last pic, the one on far right might as well should not be considered as a pair of leggings, I AM STILL LOVIN IT.

soooo inspiring.
thank you for zat.