Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Fannings
The Olsen twins have a very special place in my heart. But another new duo I’m rather obsessed about currently is The Fannings. I can’t quite figure whether it was those pictures published in W Magazine or those rather quirky, yet funny pictures taken by Terry Richardson that caught my eyes. All I remembered vividly was the interview between Dakota and Oprah talking about her hobby of knitting- my mum told me that she’s gonna be big one day. I guess my mum was right, no doubt about that. Then few years later came dear little Elle doing her thing on movies like she was born an actress and wearing those Chanel dresses like a pro- way beyond her age. So it is a no brainier why Marc chose them as his muse for Marc by Marc Jacobs. Dakota appeared on the perfume advert of Oh, Lola! which is now banned in the UK for being too provocative- something that Marc is known for, hence the BANG! perfume advert.

Despite all the controversial about the Fannings doing things way beyond their age, all I can say is why not? They possess the talent, the beauty, the money, the sources and everything in between. Just like the Olsens, live life to the fullest and do it at a very young age and most importantly do it together with someone you are blood related to. Because when there is no one else to trust, you can always trust your family. Genius- no wonder the Godfather kept it in the family. Haaaah!

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