Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"I'm not interested in celebrities. I'm interested in clothes" -Bill Cunningham-
Long before Scott Schuman, Yvan Rodic, Garance Dore & Tommy Tom running around the streets snapping pictures, there’s this one man- the legend known as Bill Cunningham. This 80 years old man is the pioneer of the art in taking street style shots. Anna Wintour worships this man like the God of fashion- “he will take shots of you, 1 snap, 2 snaps or he will ignore you which is death!” Bill was photographing Anna from her teenage years up to now and this has proved to all of us the vision that he always had in introducing the new “it” fashion people. He even introduced to the world, Azzedine Alaia and Jean-Paul Gaultier. He was working with the Times back then, producing photos of individuals with interesting style and pretty much gave the license that it is possible to take snaps of the New York aristocrats without their permission. At some point, everyone wants to be a part of his amazing archives- pushing the limits in order to get Bill’s attention.

Quite the opposite- Bill leads a life which is simple and full of humanity. All he wears most of the time is that infamous electric blue laboratory coat with a camera around his neck, cycling around the Big Apple looking for the next person to take shots of. Yet another peculiar characteristic- which by now makes me realize that this “people” who pushed the envelope and creating the generation that we are today has little to affiliate with actually “wearing” fashion. Many of Bill’s work are not produced and kept-safe in his studio. Imagine having the honour of going through his personal archives, it would probably be mined blowing- seeing how street style evolved over the years. This man had seen it all. Now we know it is compulsory for us to watch the documentary about him, produced by Richard Press and from the trailer Bill is indeed a very interesting person and a perfectionist.

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