Monday, December 12, 2011

Pushing the limits, seeing the beauty.
Today I’m not gonna talk about fashion on glossywind, lets talk about art instead coz somehow its interrelated with fashion. And also because I love to spend time sitting at Petronas Gallery alone for hours- the peacefulness and space you have with art pieces can actually bring you such tranquillity. Plus, it’s the closest and most accessible art gallery in town. I do wish there are more galleries in KL, so the society can appreciate the beauty of art. I’m currently interested with the work done by artist, Taryn Simon. In her recent work, she explored the limits of photography and produced something that makes us think beyond our comfort zone. She’s a brilliant artist in the sense that she reveals a side of photography that we rarely focus on. Most of us take pictures for the happy memories and leisure but Simon showed to the world how photography can lead to a death sentence of a man- how it is use in the court of justice as evidence. She also revealed to us how human are connected by blood line that leads to many destruction in the world and how all of us desire the same brands of goods which leads to counterfeits. She pushes the limits of photography and creates a whole new dimension- talking about the lines in between the truth and the beauty of photos.

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