Wednesday, March 21, 2012

As white as a pelican
I still can’t seem to get over Gywneth Paltrow’s white Tom Ford dress. She’s known for her sleek and clean way of dressing therefore it’s not a surprise that she chose to wear that amazing dress to Oscar. Gwyneth took it to another level, looking like an ice queen- that cape, oh my, that cape. What can I say more, it’s the magical touch of the cape that kept everyone talking.

Another dress that did it for me was the Givenchy Couture worn by Rooney Mara. I’ve always been a fan of Givenchy Couture Collection. I love their details which are very understated but yet very intricate. Till today, I still have the image of Florence Welch in that flawless Givenchy Couture dress at the Grammy- still in my system, still fresh.

Overall, everyone on the red-carpet didn’t wow me enough. But I do adore the white Valentino dress worn by Shailene Woodley. Many critics didn’t quite like it because they thought it made her look older than her age. But personally for me, it’s a good option for the Muslims. I can’t stop thinking of how stunning it will look on Yuna. Which means, Pharell better get her into the Grammys next year. Lol.


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