Thursday, March 22, 2012

From The Shelf #3
Item: Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Treatment (RM 68)
I do take my own sweet time in reviewing beauty products because I only write about something that I whole heartedly believe in. Therefore, time is of the essence and I actually try it on myself before telling the world to go and chase it from the beauty counters. My reviews are not done because I am paid to do so but the products that I wrote about before are the ones that specifically “live” on my shelf. Ok enough with me justifying my position- I have no idea why I have to, it became part and parcel of a chambee’s life I supposed. Lol. 

The first product I’m gonna review today is a lip treatment by Fresh. I swear by it- I’m not even kidding. It’s the ultimate lip balm. Why? Because I have encountered chapped lip problems all my life, perhaps due to our climate. I bought it from Sephora because of the reviews and numerous awards given to it by magazines. I knew I really need to try it. So after about 2 months of using it, all I can say is AMAZING! No such thing as chapped lips and my skin is hydrated 24/7. The key to this lip treatment is the ingredients. Its eco friendly and the ingredients are eco certified with no petroleum in it. Yes stop using those lip balms which are made from petroleum. This wonderful lip treatment comes in an original color which is no color and other shades such as rose, plum and coral. But I’m in love with rose as it gives you a hint of colour yet very subtle. It’s a bit expensive but worth every cent.

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