Monday, December 5, 2011

What Is Normal?
It kills me at times that people worship Lady Gaga as the no.1 trendsetter. Just because I have a different believe about it- which makes me a bit bias. But the reality is Daphne Guinness the heiress of the Guinness Family has long been collecting rare haute couture pieces made by renowned design legends and rocking it on daily basis way before Gaga. And in fact Gaga was channeling Daphne in her video Bad Romance. Daphne personifies the art of fashion effortlessly, wearing exotic pieces by Alexander McQueen like her second skin. So there is no doubt why she has captured the intention of the media and other fashion designers for numerous times. She makes fashion look easy and make us have faith that it is possible to run in those 10-inch Alien McQueen heels on the street while waving for a cab.

Daphne is an individual who takes the elements of her surrounding, the art of living and the beauty of fashion and incorporate it in her daily life. She takes into account the exquisite details that we seldom pay attention to. And it is portrayed well in the video made by Nowness- capturing on how she looks the world. Hence, the title called Daphne’s Window. Although she’s being called eccentric by many, she still feels like a normal individual living her life just like the others. As an artist ,Daphne is  undeniably a genius in capturing every  component of life and celebrating it in all of her work.

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