Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pop of Rainbow

I really love Skittles since I was a little kid..It has always been my pop of rainbow and will always be ;) Too bad there's not much selection of Skittles over here in Malaysia *sob sob* :( I don't just love the taste of it but I really love the packaging, I think it is so pretty and cute! At the moment I'm craving for the new Skittles Crazy Cores!! Love the box and all the beautiful colors that pops out. It's different from the normal Skittles, because in every bite of these crazy cores there are two flavours; blueberry with lemon, strawberry with watermelon, mango peach with cherry lemonade and melon and berry.. Very skittlelicious !!! The only sad part is that they don't exist over here..So till then it will stay on my waiting list..:(

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