Thursday, December 3, 2009

Louise Brooks is on my inspiration board this month.
Nothing much to do today. Just wondering around the house and try to find things to do. I do have assignments to do but too lazy to bother. Lol. Going out with my mum and bro later to KLCC- finally something to look forward to.

Ohhh, I love the outfit below. Coolio- just look at the feather skirt, its from Topshop. I think I also saw a feather clutch at Topshop the other day. According to Mr.Newton who shot this piece- it reminds him of feminine in the 20's. Anyhow, I love the person who is rockin' it too, its Scout Willis- one smart cookie she is. Bet she is attending the ivy league (Brown University) with style.

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Farrah Ridzwan said...

OMG babe! That skirt is brilliant! Kat topshop klcc ada x? thanks for giving me idea on what to purchase! :)