Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I hope you & me are looking at the same stars tonite.

Today was fun. Went out with Farah, Fendy & Rahim. Running to Rock Corner to buy Beyonce's tix. It's the seating that bothers us. But thanx to abg Affendy (yes same name with Fendy), we managed to get good sits. Plus, Dona & Aziey are going too. They are sitting behind us. Awesome! Oh yes, yesterday I bought a leather jacket from Zara and it looks something like the one in this picture. Super dope. I must say it is the most satisfying purchase although it burn my purse. BIG TIME. So with leather jacket + Beyonce's tix, I'm officially broke! However, I'm super excited for next week coz me and my frens are all going to AAR's concert. Fuckin' way yeah! Hell Yeah! LOL..toodles~


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