Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm sick, I need a doctor..Can you please call Dr. Q Hillier for me..Thank you.


Dr.Q Hillier by windgloss

I'm obses with handbags since like forever. It's a quick way to make your look expensive. I believe that handbags can transform a person's look in a matter of seconds.

The simple equation is:
A simple t-shirt + a simple pants + big fat designer handbag + killer heels = Chic!!

Right now, I really really love Prada Fringe Bag and also the ONE that nearly take my breath away is Dr. Q Hillier Hobo Bag by Marc by Marc Jacobs!! It is finally here in Malaysia and I saw it at Pavilion. It is one of my must have bags for 2009. Firstly, I saw it online and now since I saw it in reality, I said to myself; hell yeah I need this bag and I will do whatever it takes to get it!!!

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