Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Black Factory..Santa Baby..xoxo

The Black Factory by windgloss

Finally I decided to make my own blog! I know I have to channel my interest for fashion, art & music somewhere, perhaps this would be my stepping stone. Cheers!~

P/S: Did a collage of what will be in my Christmas list for this year;) * I swear I will stop shopping atleast for 2-3 weeks if I have all of it*


pap said...

wyna! thanks for dropping by. btw, what's this vintage thingy you and farrah been obsess with?
since when? farrah la paling vintage. semua pun vintage. dah siap jual2 dah. comel je.
yea, good old times.

Wyna Noh said...

hey, i like vinatge too but farrah is the queen b for vinatge and selling it, i miss old times too :(