Tuesday, December 23, 2008

3 guys, 2 girls & a cool place...

Event: The so called "reunion".
Date: 22/12/2008.
Guest: Around 15 - 20 but only 5 attended; Farrah, Azhar a.k.a jaja, Fahmi a.k.a apan, Raje & myself (wearing all black). Others are busy and some are outside of the country.
Organizer: Fahmi a.k.a Apan *seriously dude, this is your first and your last*
Dresscode: Anything comfy.

1) Nando's for some food.

2) Zara and walking around Pavilion.

3) J.CO, for some donuts..Thanx jaja for paying ;)

4)The streetside of Bukit Bintang.

5) Buggy ride around the carpark for 1 hour *freakin' fun*..Thanx to jaja for forgetting where he parked his ride :S..haha..Dude you never change since high school, still clumsy as ever!

Conclusion: Although only 5 of us attended the reunion, I still had a blast!! Hope we can do this more often but uni is going to start soon :( Gonna miss each one of you and also those who can't make it..


iheart-vintage said...

less people, more photos as jaja said! and it is proven to be so true! hahahaha

anyway, that buggy ride will always be my favourite!!!

gonna miss you bestfriend! X

araf said...

kenapa aku tade? oh aku kerja hahahaha cissss