Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Got no friend, Got no lover.
So, I went to Placebo's concert on wednesday. It was kinda meant to happen, as I had no intention to go but at the very last minute one of my fren backed off, left with an extra ticket (thanks faradi)and my trust test was cancelled- AWESOME! It was one of the best live performance I've ever been to (considering how little live performances in M'sia, its just pathetic really). Anyways, I must say that Placebo is one of the hottest gays I've seen in my life.. LOL. But seriously! Brian Molko was right infront of my eyes and I still feel as if it was all just a dream (I told you, I'm deprive of good live music, so please bare with me). The most exciting part is the fact that the crowd was crazily fun bunch of people. Almost all of them dressed up like a rockstar. Leather and black never look that good. Finally, I felt like I was among the right people.

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