Thursday, March 11, 2010

Basic Space.
Its been awhile...again...I know. I am such a bad blogger but the workloads are just unbearable. Lame excuse again- putting the blame on my work. But its the ugly truth. Anyways,I think its cool to drink iced lemon tea straight from a bottle with the word 'Topshop' on it. Too cool, it makes other iced lemon tea taste lame. Lol. And this women in this black dress, with all these layering.. Hmmmm..So where should I start? Its one of those combination that makes me go 'OMG!' From the color black, to the killer heels, to the layering- everything is just wow! I'm seriously loving it, one of the best style for this week. Plus, yes peeps it is true, I did went and slope my hair. So, I'm half bald now. Hahaha. Went and did it with Farrah but hers is not as short as mine. I still feel like I'm jeopardizing half of femininity but at the same time I can't deny that I actually love it :)

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.M. said...


yay for th awesome hairdo. rock it girl. =)