Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Looks like heaven on earth.

Well, I'm addicted to The Hills. It started way back from my high school years, wacthing Laguna Beach, then The Hills and also The city (because Whitney Port is cool and it was shot in New York!!) But here's the deal, I have a HUGE CRASH on Justin Bobby! He is just too fuckin' hot..yes I know his bad boy attitude is a pain in the ass but he is just too good looking. Clean or scruffy, he still looks like heaven to me..LOL!


Aleho Limón said...

the photos of ur blog are really good!!!!
i like them :)

big kiss

Aleho Limón said...

wawwww thank u! good work with Sieg Magazine!!!!!! i already love it!!!! :D

JINX said...

Justin BOBBY woW!!!

Farrah Ridzwan said...

Justin have always been the bad one kan? I can never see the nice dude materials in him at all! :D