Friday, October 16, 2009

As random as you can get from me.

Some random facts about me:
1) I don't like to go to creepy hospitals and I hate the weird smell at the dentist(but somehow Fendy, Farah & Rahim were enjoying looking at me suffering while walking through PPUM the other day)
2) I like gummyssssssss.
3) I hate the color is made for convicts at jails, so leave it there..SERIOUSLY!!
4) Almost all futuristic take by designers for their collection on runways this season, scare the HELL out of me, I just feel like stopping the time so that we all don't have to face the future..But thanx to Alexander McQueen coz I'm slowly changing my mind...there's sumthing so dreamy about his idea of the future.
5) I hate when people put peanut in my nasi lemak! God, it just doesn't compliment the dish!! It makes it taste like...Shit I don't even know how to describe the horrible taste!
6) I HATE Miley Cyrus (no offence for all her fans out there, especially Faradiana) but for some reason her song 'Party in the USA' is freakin' stuck in my head! WHY??WHY??? WHY?????
7) I like evrything that is Strawberry Shortcake.
8) I don't follow Gossip Girls..I've only seen it less than 7 times and sometimes I just don't get it at all!
9) I'm afraid of heights and insects.
10) I'm VERRRRRYYYYYYY sensitive when it comes to Michael Jackson..Trust me..I'm afraid I will cry and cry and cry in the cinema when I go and see 'This is it'.



faradiana mohamed said...

random facts #6 still buat aku rasa offended. HAHA

.M. said...

im soo looking forward 4 This is It too! cnt wait. but i knw i'll shed a few tears somehow.

p/s: gotta love ur blog babe.=)