Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm just so happy :D

Today I received my first ever award from Liisa ( I just wanna say thank you so much and much love to you. You are a really nice girl and your blog is pure talent!I'm just really happy rite now, I can't even describe it :D

Now for the rules to follow when accepting this award:

1) When you place the award on your post, make sure to name the person who gave it to you...and a link to their blog.

2)Pass the award onto 15 new blog sites, that you recently discovered...and list the blog with a link in your post.

3) Contact the people you chose to give the award, to let them know.

Some of the blogs I listed below are not really newly discovered but they are just awesome bloggers! So why not share the love.

A Rhapsody


fashion suicide



fashion roadkill

P o s h ' s D a i l y S t y l e

grown up orphans

This Chick's Got Style

hold in your breath

pretty in leather

just the things I like


Sequined Fashion

Paper Face


Posh said...

Thank you darling, so sweet! <3 <3

Paperface said...

Thank you darling :)

I'm glad you think my little blog is worth a mention.

All my love,


Anonymous said...

awww... thank you, that's very kind of you wyna :D

Faridah said...

Thank you, you're so kind! I love all of your friendly comments. xx

Ashley said...

So sweet of you! I love that you thought of my blog :)