Saturday, April 4, 2009

Gareth Pugh, Here I Come!, yahoo
Im freakin' going to a Fashion Festival at Singapore this coming may!!!! Can't wait (jumping with joy)..and I'm going to see Gareth Pugh and his collection (more joy, jumping non-stop!) :)) This would be my first experience going out of Kuala Lumpur to see a runway show and the idea of seing the new IT designer as told by i-D magazine brings more excitement! The name, GARETH PUGH just left me speecheless cause I remembered I was blown-away by his brilliant work when I went through a magazine and the fact that I'm going to see models wearing the collections infront of my face just gives me goose bumps and chills! This is one of the great opprtunity for the magazine (SIEGmagazine) , as me and my other team members will be promoting it there and this time around we are really going for the gold which is 'going global'..Just cant wait to bump into fashionista around the world *one of my all time dream *So for now, I will wait with full of excitement* One thing for sure is hell yeah I definately loving every inch working as an Associate Fashion Editor for the magazine because its opening doors to so many opportunities ;)

Above are pictures of the runway venue at the Fashion Festival in Singapore last year, some pictures of Gareth Pugh's collections and also a pic of Agyness Deyn and Beyonce flaunting the iconic dress master-piece. Just plain Genius!

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