Sunday, October 10, 2010

Give the monkeys some bananas.
Oh well, everyone seems to have different views about Prada Spring 2011 collection. Its either you get it or you don't. Its a bit too overwhelming for me to see bold prints of bananas mix with flowers and monkeys together with handbags that somehow kinda remind me of Sesame Street's cookie monster stuck inside- trying to breathe. No offence Miuccia but I'm just being honest.

Ok lets start with what I loathe the most- its the fitting for some of the tops (especially the 3rd pic below), totally doesn't compliment the body and the odd weird print is just adding to the whole horror. But I do adore the combination of the monkey top with the pink stripes skirt (2nd pic)- out of all, those 2 piece make sense to me (although it does remind me of that high bloated cat in Alice in the Wonderland). And who better to make it practical and wearable in the real world, other than Shala Monroque (1st pic). She wore it with the banana skirt which kinda add a bit of humor to the whole outfit( it?! LOL). Told ya that monkey top make sense out of all.

P/S: Thank God, there was no manggis, durian, rambutan & duku langsat on Miuccia's inspiration board...coz if not, it would be more bizarre! I can only imagine..LOL!

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Fashion Insanity said...

Nice post!! I do like how the top looks on the first picture, it suits her!